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Yo, I'm Aliku! Just another high school student who has a blog, nothing much.
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Artist: Still Soraru

Track: After tried to become Mafu, he tried to become Kashitarou but he failed

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*** (by felidae.)

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If there are unchangeable desires, they’d always be under the sakura tree.

I had to redraw Rin’s face 3000 times and I cried only twice that amount


colored! plus i added shiro kaneki

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A Mature Flavor by Sada Uoji (buy the anthology here)
Translation: kidotsunbomi
Scans: tobecomeaprince

(Note: Goya Chanpuru is a bitter melon stir-fried with pork, tofu and other vegetables.)


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how to piss kageyama off in one single step: by hinata

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OOOHhhKAY!!!! so recently I hit my 1000 follower milestone and woW thats just…. amazing??? like I never thought I’d get to this point and I rlly rlly wanted to do something for you guys. I’ve never made shrinky dink keychains (i’m not at the point where im comfortable with ordering acrylic customs) but I recently thought it’d be fun to try so I figured, why not do a giveaway???? I got a lot of options open for you guys ranging from haikyuu to kagemon which got me started on this blog!

the rules

  • the 1st winner can select 5 designs of any of the sets
  • the 2nd winner can select 3 designs of any of the sets
  • the winner will be randomly selected!!
  • reblogs/likes both are a go, and so are multiple reblogs
  • no giveaway blogs pls
  • you don’t have to be following me, but if the winner is you can select +1 extra design
  • I will mail overseas (-:
  • make sure your askbox is open so I can let you know you won!

th a thats  thats all and you know thank you honestly for everything guys. winners will be chosen by august 11th so keep askboxes open! and i’ll try to send everything out before august 15th

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